Who am I


To describe myself if I tell you

that I qualified with a PhD degree in Social Science (Regional Planning),

      that I hold qualification to develop Psychological Test & Analyze them,     

            that I have held some senior positions in the corporate world,

                  that I am still working as a Business Analyst in my semi - retirement job,

                        that I have various credentials in Healing Therapy Pathways like:

  • Bowen Therapy Cert IV
  • EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practioner,
  • Certified Colour Light Therapist,
  • Reiki up to Master level,
  • Diploma in Forensic Healing,
  • German New Medicine – Principles Cert IV,
  • Access Bars Facilitator,
  • Touch For Health (Level 1),
  • Quantum Touch,
  • Meditation and Life Coach and that
  • I am listed on ‘World Who Is Who’ and ‘Stanford Directories’

Then That is Not My True Self Description

I am actually a very ordinary person like anyone, leading an extremely simple life with full of complex challenges but with a passion to change my life for the betterment and to help others in changing their lives to achieve a fulfilling and enriching life in mind, body and spirit.

I carry a deep insatiable yearning in my heart for ‘Being-ness’, for ‘Being Who I am – ie Being a person with a desire to assist people to free themselves from their limiting beliefs, to recognise their power to change and to change their lives to achieve their life purpose.

While managing my challenges like anyone and making changes in my own life journey I have been providing compassionate services and offerings to people in creating mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balances in various arenas of their lives.

My humble offerings include few life changing healing therapies- pathways and styles like –

Bowen Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting (MR), Colour Light Therapy, Reiki Healing and attunements, Access Bars, Touch for Health, Forensic Healing, Quantum Touch Healing, Meditation programs, Life Coaching/Counselling and Ayurvedic way of living

I Enjoy My Work

I Respect Those Whom I Treat & Help

There is Only One, the Most Important Principle

My Mission behind all my actions

And that is

YOU, Your Health, Your Satisfaction ………