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Healing Silks

I have been passionate about colours from my childhood and have tried to express my passion in different ways – by doing canvas paintings, painting my clothes, painting my shoes, walls of my house to name a few.

In the last few years I have taken up Silk Painting. Silk is a pure natural fabric and is considered as the most hypo allergenic fabric with many therapeutic qualities.

To enhance my healing services and to feel the effect of colours all day long I have been experimenting with creating silken Scarves, Rowanas and Jackets. My experiments for wearable garments are ongoing. The vibrant colours of my silk garments have provided me a lot of pleasure in their creation as well as in their wears, which I would now like to share with you all. My purpose of painting these silk garments is to help one and all in their healing journeys and enjoy the benefits of vibrant colours that make them feel majestic like a King or a Queen (Raja or Rani in Hindi Language) – hence the brand name of ‘RajRani Silks’, which happens to be the first names of my parents.

Each piece is individually hand painted by me in the backyard of my suburban home in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Therefore no pieces are exactly the same. Vibrating brilliancy of colours, their depth and texture form the authenticity of my signature garments.

Most of the time I use Pure Habotai silk, which is ideal for scarves and shawls but with my continual experimentation I also use Silk Twill, Silk Crepe, Georgette etc. After painting the silk I steam the garments for few hours which not only ‘fixes’ the colours but also makes them ‘fast’ (permanent) and dramatically enhance the brilliance of the fabric and the colours.

Healing Silk

Disclaimer: Subtle colour variations occur in every garment due to the weather, temperature of the day the silk is painted. Since the colours are hand mixed and allowed to free flow and mix with each other, the overlapping and intermingling of colours will always create a different shade and tonal effect. Salting, use of diffusants and water dapplings also create different texture, and pattern on the silk. Hence, an exact reproduction is completely impossible. However some similarities can be tried to maintain.