Mobile / Distant / Surrogate / Skype Healing Therapies – Pathways Offerings

If you are Stressed, Overwhelmed, have low energy to travel, Sick or a Senior Citizen then

Mobile or Absent Healing Services can be Offered

Mobile Service: This offering - service is mainly for the senior citizens, who are in Nursing Homes or in Retirement villages and are unable to travel.

On request, sent through the Administrative Manager of the centre or by a family member of the client, I can come to the centre and provide the healing offerings as per need or request.

On exceptions - If you are not a senior citizen but unable to travel due to some reason then special arrangements can also be made for home visits.

Distant Healing, Surrogate Healing and Healing session via Skype are mainly suitable for EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Reiki healing, Chakra healing, Life Coaching and German New Medicine

Distant Healing: If you cannot come to the Life Therapy Centre then a Distant Healing session for some of the healing pathways - services can be performed. Distant Healing or Absent Healing is equally strong as the healing in person because the healing is sent intuitively through thought or through a surrogate i.e. someone else sits in for the healing and becomes a conduit to the person requiring healing.

Distant Healing can be done in 2 ways:
(i) On phone between you - client and me – your - client issue is discussed, choices for healing pathways/services are discussed, and what to do during and after the session is also discussed. Specific time of healing session is also scheduled. If possible, during the healing time you - client is advised to avoid any disturbances and advised to stay in a relaxed position
(ii) I can also use a surrogate to sit in for you - client. Blanket energy is placed on the surrogate and then yours - client’s energy is placed on the surrogate. At the end of the session yours - client’s energy is removed from the surrogate so that no effect is absorbed by the surrogate. This is equally effective as ‘in-person’ healing

Surrogate Healing: Especially suitable for small babies and young children.
Mother or relative of the baby or young children can sit as a surrogate while holding or touching the baby/child. Healing is performed on the mother or the relative, who then acts as a conduit of healing to the baby/child.

Healing Offerings through Skype: If you have access to computer with internet connection then Healing session can be performed. All essentials are discussed on phone or via email before the session.

It is preferred that for Healings using Bowen Therapy & Colour Light Therapy you use ‘in-person’ therapy session.