Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about providing you the confidence, breaking down your barriers, mentoring and creating an environment suitable for you to achieve your life goals.

Due to some reason or other we are unable to decide what we want in life be it career, family, relationship, health or any other issue affecting our life. Parents, friends, counsellors do provide support and guidance with best intentions but it can be from their perspective. Also you may not wish to follow them.

An effective life coach helps you by accessing your own inner knowledge. In doing so, you establish what you really want in a particular scenario of life. The coaching techniques employed to do this vary from person to person and range from asking powerful open-ended questions and creative visualisation to considering the same subject from a variety of different perspectives.

Once you’ve established what you want, life coach then helps you to increase your resourcefulness to work out how you can get it. Again, you know best what your capabilities are and where you might need help. An effective life coach at this stage challenges and supports you to define the concrete, realistic steps you need to take going forward. By helping in clarifying what your internal resources are and what you still need, as well as which things that are within or outside your control are some of the important points that are some of the most important services provided by a life coach.

How long is a Coaching Session?

Coaching sessions are normally maintained within 60 minutes but can take longer on need basis.

On ongoing basis sessions can be made to 30 minutes too.

What happens during a Coaching Session?

Mostly open discussions are held between me and the client. Maintaining client’s confidence, as for any other healing pathway, is the most important aspect. Along the way various solutions are indicated but the decision always rests on the client.

How Many Sessions are required?

This is very individualistic. Number of sessions depends on client’s issues and the pace taken by the client to solve the issue.

Client is at the liberty of terminating the continuation at any time.

What are the Benefits?

There are a host of different benefits from using life coaching program:

  • smooth transitioning through some of the issues in life.
  • ability to re-evaluate your life and your goals.
  • plan things out accordingly, achieving a sense of balance that has been missing.
  • guidance in making difficult decisions.
  • assistance in prioritizing.
  • improved relationships.
  • plan things out properly.
  • achieving a sense of balance that is missing in life.
  • guidance in making difficult decisions.
  • recognizing and optimizing your core strengths as an individual.
  • simplifying your life for greater enjoyment and less stress.
  • an increased sense of control.
  • better time management.
  • Above all a life coach provides a fresh perspective, a great deal of professional experience and a dedication in helping you to achieve your dreams, your life goals and remove your limiting beliefs and practices.
  • Once you know why you want a life coach and what you expect of them, it’s up to you to find one who is a perfect fit for your individual needs.

Who can attend Coaching Sessions?

We all come to crossroads in our lives and do not know what to do. Basically if you fall in any of the following categories then Life Coaching can help you

1. I don’t know what I want.
2. I know what I want, but don’t know how to get it.
3. I know what I want and how to get it, but something keeps holding me back.

If you fall in following two categories then you DO Not Need a Life Coach

1. I know what I want, how to get it and I’m motivated and on track; and
2. I know what I want and I’ve already got it!

Life Coaching Services will be operational soon – To Be Advised