German New Medicine (GNM)


German New Medicine (GNM) is a new approach to western medicine. It was discovered Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer of Germany.

This innovative concept of GNM considers that every disease is part of a special meaningful biological program of nature and is a result of a psychological conflict. This biological program is divided into five biological events or called ‘five biological laws’ by Dr Hamer. These laws can be identified, measured, observed and are part of a system which makes it possible to provide a definite prediction of events and development of the disease.

The First Biological Law: says that a disease, a Significant Biological Program (SBS) originates from a Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS), which is an unexpected, highly acute and isolating conflict shock occurring simultaneously in the ‘psyche’, ‘brain’ and the corresponding ‘organ’ of the body.

The nature of the disease or the biological program depends on the kind of conflict / trauma the person’s experiences. The trauma is a highly subjective one, subject to individual’s interpretation of the event.

Even in this modern world our bodies still function according to ancient survival biological program that are inherent in all organisms. We, humans are able to interact with the world in literal as well as in symbolic terms and therefore we can suffer these conflicts in a figurative sense. For example a ‘territorial loss conflict’ is interpreted as ‘loss of home or job’, an ‘attack conflict – fear from the tiger’ is experienced through ‘offending remarks’; an ‘abandonment conflict’ or ‘exclusion from the pack conflict’ can be experienced through feeling of isolation when not invited to the party, not included in a major meeting at the workplace etc.; ‘death fright conflict’ can be triggered by a ‘diagnosis shock’ and taken as a death sentence. These kinds of conflict trigger the ancient organic program that is commonly called ‘disease’.

The moment the shock (DHS) is experienced the ‘Psyche’ is affected by the person becoming emotionally and mentally in distress. The moment ‘Brain’ cells receive the message about the DHS, the specific part of the brain for the shock is impacted and at the same time the message relay is sent to the conflict related organ in the body.

All diseases, except for poisoning and major accidents, are caused by this unexpected conflict or shock.

The Second Biological Law: is that every disease (SBS – Significant Biological Special Program) runs in two phases.

  1. Conflict Active Phase (CA) is experienced by cold symptoms and is also called ‘cold phase’. This is where the disease begins and lasts as long as the person is in conflict. In this phase all symptoms of ‘sympathetic nervous system’ are switched ON, focussed towards fight-or-flight ie the person may feel insomnia, cold symptoms, loss of appetite, fast heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, low blood sugar, nausea, compulsive thinking towards problem solution etc. Because of the stress the blood vessels are constricted and therefore the person gets cold hands, cold feet, cold skin, chills, shivers or cold sweats.

At this phase the body organ either develops more tissues or lessens (melts down) the tissue to manage the conflict eg in case of ‘death flight conflict’- equated to ‘not able to breathe’- it will increase the lung cells for easy breathing. Whereas in ‘sexual conflict’ equated to ‘not being good enough’, ‘frustration’, – the cervical lining starts ulcerating, signifying tissue loss to widen the cervix

  1. Healing Phase (also called PCL– ‘post-conflictolytic).This phase begins when the conflict is resolved and the ‘parasympathetic nervous system’ takes over. The person no longer dwells on the conflict and gets into the ‘warm phase’ ie starts feeling warm or hot as the blood vessels are widened, appetite is returned, but more pain and inflammation than the CA phase starts – leading to fevers and fatigue and other acute symptoms that we relate to infectious diseases.

This healing happens in two stages:

  1. PCL –phase A: With the conflict resolution, water and serous fluid are drawn towards the related area in the brain, creating a brain edema to protect the brain tissue during the repair process. This swelling of the brain tissues    causes typical cerebral healing symptoms like headaches, dizziness, or blurry vision.

 Also if at the CA phase, there was any ‘cerebrum controlled tissue loss– meltdown’ depending on the conflict, then that is now replenished with new cell growth. These are curative tumours /growths but are misinterpreted    as cancerous growths.

Epileptic or Epileptoid Crisis (EPI crisis) is initiated just at the height of healing. With the start of EPI the person is instantly put back into a stage of conflict activity ie ‘sympathicotonic symptoms’ like nervousness, cold sweats, shivers, nausea are reactivated. At this height of the healing phase this happens to trigger the ‘sympathiconic’ stress to push out all the edemas that were created during the CA phase. This is followed by the ‘urinary

phase’ where body eliminates all the excess fluid retained during the first part of the healing phase – pcl- phase A.

  1. PCL – phase B: At the ‘brain level’ after the expulsion of the edema, the ‘neruoglia’, a brain connective tissue sets in motion to complete the repair process at the cerebral (brain) level.

At the organ level the extra tissues, developed at the CA phase are now decomposed with the help of ‘fungi’ or ‘TB bacteria’ if there are no microbes available then these growths (termed as tumours) just stay there and are encapsulated with any further cell division or growth.

The duration and the severity of the healing symptoms are determined by the intensity and length of the preceding conflict – active CA phase

Repetitive conflicts and relapses interrupt the healing phase and prolong the healing process.

The Third Biological Law: explains the relationship between the psyche, the brain and the organ within the context of the embryonic (ontogenetic) and evolutionary (phylogenetic) development of the human organism. It shows that neither the DHS in the brain (shock) nor the cell growth (tumour) or the tissue loss are accidental but are embedded in the biological system of embryonic germ layers.

The Fourth Biological Law:explains the benefits of microbes (fungus, bacteria or virus) and their relationship with the three embryonic layers during the healing phase. It determines which microbe will be used in the healing phase of the conflict. The type of microbes is dependent on the tissue or the organ (in relation to its embryonic layer) was affected during the conflict. Microbes are not considered as the cause of ‘infectious diseases’ but play a beneficial role in the healing phase.

The Fifth Biological Law: was the last law discovered by Dr Hamer. It is called ‘Quintessence’ and explains that every disease is part of a Significant Biological Special Program (SBS) that was created to assist an organism (humans and animals alike) in resolving a biological conflict.


The most important implication of this finding of German New Medicine is that we begin to realise that a particular symptom that we thought was a disease may really be the healing phase of the conflict

‘Sore throat’ or the ‘flu’ is really the healing phase; or ‘osteoporosis, that occurs at the CA phase of ‘self-devaluation conflict’ and ‘arthritis’ is the symptom of the healing phase of the conflict.

Therefore, DHS – the sudden shock is pivotal for understanding. It shows us the opportunity residing within the conflict ie to transform the conflict by healing to make the person stronger.

How long is a German New Medicine Session?

The sessions may last from 60 – 90 minutes

What happens during a German New Medicine Session?

Although the biological laws of German New Medicine are firm laws of nature yet each individual expresses a disease process in their unique way. During the session with the help of the client I will work out the time and nature of the conflict and all its implications. By using Matrix reimprinting and other healing pathways I will assist the client in managing their conflict.

How Many Sessions are required?

Numbers of sessions are dependent on the nature of the conflict, duration of conflict phase (CA) , relapses of conflict etc.

Minimum of 2-3 sessions are recommended

What are the Benefits?

  • German New Medicine looks at a disease in a different light ie diseases are just the challenges to understand the symbolic meaning that the disease is attempting to express.
  • Time is spent in understanding the conflict, and resolving the conflict
  • Just the understanding the nature of the conflict brings a great change in an individual’s healing.
  • There may be various biological programs running at the same time to complicate the matter. However, this puzzle is resolved by creating a partnership with the client, who plays a major role in exploring the causal conflicts and heal its mental and emotional underpinnings.
  • Client is given back his/her role to manage, direct and take responsibility for the resolution of the conflicts that has caused the symptoms



On need basis I integrate the understanding of the laws of German New Medicine in using my healing therapies pathways to understand client’s conflict and its nature and then I provide healing through client selected healing therapies pathways. Please contact more experienced German New Medicine Practioner for chronic and serious diseases