Forensic Healing

What is Forensic Healing?

Forensic Healing is an advanced system of healing incorporating more than 14 energy healing modalities. The Forensic Healing System uses intuition and ‘bio feedback’ method (Kinesiology) to determine the root cause of the life issues in detail so that the cause is released naturally. There are 4 major protocol guidelines (Principles, Spiritual, Physical & Energy). Each protocol has its related issues and resolutions. These protocols are used in finding client’s issues and providing their associated resolutions. The process involves full participation of the client whereby client’s bio feedback selects the issues and the type of healing.

The protocols assist in investigating issue and prepare the profile of emotional patterns & beliefs; collect the evidences about the issue; analyse the evidences and reconstruct the whole story to determine the cause of the issue.

After establishing and understanding the causal relationships, release of the issue is done through the most appropriate healing method , which is also confirmed by the ‘bio feedback’ response of the client.

How long is a Forensic Healing Session?

Ideally each session take 60 minutes but can extend to 90 minutes based on the issues and cooperation of the client.

Longer sessions requiring more healing are split into other smaller session.

What happens during a Forensic Healing Session?

During the session the client lies down on the Healing Table in a comfortable and relaxed environment and is encouraged to participate fully in the healing protocol and is encouraged to be open and not to be evasive. All information revealed is considered personal & confidential within the healing room.

Each client feels differently during the session and experiences deep sense of relaxation and peace.

Clients may also experience an emotional release ranging from few tears to hearty cry or even laughter during or after the session. This is perfectly natural and clients should not try to repress or control these feelings. This helps in the emotional healing of the issue.

How Many Sessions are required?

1-2 sessions may be enough for normal issue

Complex issues may require more sessions

What are the Benefits?

The main benefit of this healing protocol is that it identifies the cause, the age when the issue occurred, how it happened and what healing method is best suitable for the client. This information is revealed by client’s subconscious mind, therefore there are no imaginations or interpretations made by the practioner. The protocol is like a forensic investigation whereby client’s biofeedback and subconscious mind takes one to the source cause of the issue.

Who can be treated by Forensic Healing?

Nearly anyone, who is interested, can be treated by Forensic Healing. For children mothers or close relative can act as a surrogate for the healing session.