Welcome to Life Change Therapies. You have chosen the right path to change and improve your life by coming to my web site and by wanting to take this healing journey to address the ‘whole of you’ - your mind, your body, your spirit. 

Change is inevitable. It is happening daily, every minute, every second, and in every miniscule moment of our lives. Sometimes we happily change ourselves by welcoming the changed conditions and adapting our ways of living. While at other times we do not have any option but to accept and change our life patterns. These unwelcomed life changes then start appearing as life crisis issues, pains & aches, fears & phobias, anxiety, depression, traumatic haunting memories and therefore start affecting our day to day living.

But Your Life Does Not Have To Be Like This …..

You can CHANGE your feelings

You can CHANGE your conditions

You can CHANGE your memories

You can CHANGE your Life – your Life experiences

and Lead a Happy, Healthy, Rewarding Life

Healing Therapies can help you make changes in yourself to adjust to changes that are happening around you and outside you. Healing Therapies can help you in overcoming your weak areas of pains, guilt, fear, phobias, anxiety etc. These healings can also help you in identifying your values, your strengths and your faith. The Healing Therapies can even help you in changing, overwriting and superimposing your painful memories with beautiful, loving and happier memories for a better, loving and fulfilling life.

At the ‘Life Change Therapies’ you are provided with choices. You are given the power to choose which healing therapy style feels right for you; resonates well with you and with your life challenges. Here you are provided all the support, love and care to integrate your compassionate intent and your selective healing therapies – pathways - styles offered at the ‘Life Change Therapies’ with the other forms of mainstream medical programs.

Vision: ‘Life Change Therapies’ strive to provide a foundation for healthy, fulfilling and perfect living by facilitating customised services to each individual in a most professional & friendly manner

Mission: The mission of ‘Life Change Therapies’ is to help and assist individuals in protecting their health, health of their loved ones and in making people around them happier by releasing, treating and changing their mental and physical memories and potentialities

Synergy of healthy mind

Synergy of healthy body

Synergy of healthy spirit

Leads to…….

Healthy, Successful & Enriching Living

Medical Disclaimer - At ‘Life Change Therapies’ we do not provide any medical advice; diagnose illness, injuries or diseases; or treat the symptoms and issues. Our treatment is based on treating the client on the basis of how their symptoms resonate with them. Treatment at the ‘Life Change Therapies’ is provided to complement with rather than replace any medical treatment with any qualified general practitioner/doctor or other health care professional. Please make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified general practitioner/doctor or a health care professional where thought necessary. Should you wish to get a medical diagnosis of your symptoms, seek other treatments or medication alongside the healing at the ‘Life Change Therapies’ then that is an option for you to consider.

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